Timber options


Blackwood can vary quite a bit in colouring ranging between lighter to darker brown shades and it often offers beautiful knots & character in the wood.


It’s a beautiful in-between option if you’re not sure whether to opt for light or darker frames.


Mansonia is unique in the sense that it’s the only timber in our range that offers a grey undertone which gives it a beautiful modern feeling. Overall Mansonia offers a smooth consistent finish.

Red Oak

Oak is the lightest timber we offer, it lightens up any piece of art and it has a beautiful subtle grain. Although the majority of Oak frames has a smooth consistent finish you might find the odd knot here and there.


Although we mostly work with Brown Kiaat, touches of red can also be present in our finished pieces which creates stunning dimension in the frames. The grain detailing in Kiaat can vary from a smooth flawless finish to wavy or interlocked finishes with knot detailing.


Rose wood is a richly hued timber offering a beautiful pink undertone varying from lighter pink shades to darker cherry colors. You’ll often find beautiful waves in the grain, overall, Rose can have quite a feminine look to it.


Patrys is our darkest & most exclusive timber, the grain detailing varies between prominent waves of lighter & darker browns and it offers a very unique finish. Please note due to the scarcity of this timber stock can be limited, please contact us directly for stock availability.


Small yellow spots can be present in this timber due to natural oils.


How to choose a frame size:

Please take note if you order for e.g. an A4 size floating frame that the glass sliding into the frame is A4 in size so we usually recommend ordering 1 standard size bigger to get that beautiful floating border.

Can I insert my art myself?

Yes indeed, the frames are user friendly and easily reusable & replaceable. Each frame comes with a wooden slit that secures 2 glass panels which slides in and out of the frame. Please refer to my “Inserting Your Art” section to view step by step instructions. 


How do I insert my art?

We’ll supply you with everything you need to secure your art in between the glass panels, please refer to our “Inserting Your Art” section on step by step instructions on how to insert your art. 


What glass is used?

Standard glass is used for each frame however conservation art glass which is anti-reflective & UV Resistant is available on request, please contact us directly for more information. 

Do you have a showroom where I can view the frames?

Sadly at the moment we only package & courier on demand however feel free to reach out if you would like to see more photo’s / videos. 

How long are your lead times?

Lead times do vary depending on stock availability, with in-stock items I require +- 1 week to get them packaged & ready for you whereafter courier takes 1-3 working days depending on where you’re situated. 

 If I don’t have stock available lead times can take up to 4-5 weeks. 

Kindly contact us me directly for stock availability & urgent orders. 


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